impregfetish: Anne had been married for 8 years to her loving…


Anne had been married for 8 years to her loving husband, Gavin. For 8 years she had been relentlessly trying to conceive a baby. She knew her failure was due to her partners weak, inferior sperm count. Now, as her next fertile time of the month approached, she was becoming desperate. 

On the day her cycle peaked, they were visiting a large mall outside of town. “I’m going to go and browse the hardware, honey” Gavin told her “Meet you in half an hour back at the van?” “Sure, Gav. Take your time” she answered casually. This was it. A very small window of opportunity when she was alone, away from her husband. As soon as his back was turned she sped down to the mall’s loading dock and approached the biggest, most testosterone filled man she could find. “Fuck me!” she barked at him, loud enough for all his mate’s to hear.

In less than 5 minutes she was naked, ass up in the back of her van, the bulky stranger plunging his bare cock into her fertile snatch. “Oh, fuck. I’m going to blow the biggest nut!” he grunted between thrusts. Anne came hard as she felt the man’s cock hitting the entrance to her womb. “Do it, you cum filled fuck-stud!” she begged him “Fill me with your superior seed! Breed me like a bitch in heat!” She felt him shudder wildly as his cock expanded inside her. “AHHHHHHH! FUUUCK YESSSSS!” he bellowed as cum pulsed from his balls and splashed across her cervix. Anne counted 12 heavy throbs from the bull’s cock as he unloaded a baby inside her.

Her husband drove her home with another man’s baby, none the wiser.