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BrewDog Quench Quake: Grapefruit & Tangerine S…


This is an excellent beer from the Scottish brewery, BrewDog. You can really taste the citrus and sour flavours in the beer, it almost tastes like cider or alcoholic fruit juice!

Having said that, it isn’t overpowering and it tastes incredible. Best of all, it’s cheap! Have you tried this beer? If so let me know what you thought to it. 

What drink should I review next? 

BrewDog Quench Quake Citrus Sour Beer Review!

My FWB has made another video, they were amazed at the response to the last one and I did’t let them know that I sent you guys over either! 

As a thank you, here’s me flashing my ass in a store! 

If you want to see me completely naked, go subscribe to my friend’s YouTube channel here and then message me on Tumblr once you have! xx

What is Brand Authenticity? Survey

What is Brand Authenticity? Survey:

A friend of mine who has gone off to university is conducting a survey, they could do with some more responses!

Help them out and I may just reward you with more of my booty pics 😛 

Message me once you’ve completed it so I know! xx

Face Reveal!

Ok guys, I keep getting asked to do a face reveal as in my nudes I always hide it. I have nearly 84,000 followers and I don’t really want to risk exposing myself (just in case someone I work with follows this blog or something lmao). 

BUT if you follow my/my FWBs twitch: and message me on here once you have I’ll reveal my face to you privately. 

For everyone without twitch when we reach 50 followers I’ll reveal it on here but I may blur my eyes or something I dunno haha! Anyway, if you have twitch and want to follow me, please do! – D xx

Thanks for the submission @h-mysterieux! You h…

Thanks for the submission @h-mysterieux! You have an amazing pussy and ass and I want to smother my face in them both! xx

I can get some really good angles in the bath!…

I can get some really good angles in the bath! xx 

Follow my FWB’s twitch we’ll be streaming on there soon! 

I’m gonna be camming on Chaturbate tomorrow, what screen name should I go with? You can pick lol 😛 

Should I wear a skirt with this bodysuit or go…

Should I wear a skirt with this bodysuit or go out as I am? 😉 xx

Follow mine & my fuck buddy’s Twitch:

Chaturbate: (Coming soon) 

Ok, so after talking to you guys about if I sh…

Ok, so after talking to you guys about if I should stream or not (and getting some advice through DMs) I’ve decided I’m not going to set up my own twitch but will join one of my FWBs who wants to start streaming also! 

Their account is so follow them there if you want to also hang out with me! 

Also, you may be wondering why I have included a picture of my ass! Haha, well the answer is I’ve also been looking into the other forms of streaming such as Chaturbate but I haven’t got everything set up for that yet. Follow me & my friend on twitch and keep up to date on here and I’ll let you know when I start! 

TL;DR : Hanging out on Twitch, gonna start Chaturbate soon. 

Thanks guys 🙂 – D xx 

Lilly doing some public flashing

Lilly doing some public flashing

Amazing submission, I love wearing no underwear in public too, the cold air against my clit always gives me such a thrill! xx

Hey you, I need to talk about our new project,…

Hey you, I need to talk about our new project, come to my room now!

Amazing submission, you have amazing tits, if you were my boss I would have no complaints entering your office haha! xx